Saturday, June 03, 2006


Relating to cat caring for cat

Relating to cat caring for cat: "Can a cat be kept indoors?
Again, opinions differ about this. I am giving my personal view here which is that I hate to see a cat kept indoors unless there are very pressing reasons such as health problems. A cat has two sides to his nature - the side that loves to stretch out by the fire or curl up in the best chair, and the side that likes to explore and hunt and climb trees, and just pretend he is wild! He should be allowed to express both sides of his nature unless there are vital reasons for keeping him inside. If you live in a location where it would be dangerous to allow a cat to go out, perhaps you should consider whether you should have a cat in the first place!
Of course there are cats who simply don't want to go out and live quite happily as indoor cats. And I am sure lots of people will write to me angrily and say that they won't allow their cat out after a previous pet was tragically killed on the road, and the cat is quite happy. As I say, the above is my personal view. If your cat is kept indoors, do make sure he has lots of stimulation and opportunities for exercise and play."

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